Thursday, June 22, 2017


The dream that I had early this morning was very clear. I dreamt that I was teaching a CPR class to a person who needed it for something. As I am trying to teach this class, I realize that I had forgotten just about everything needed to teach him…paperwork, certification card, manikins, you name it and it was forgotten. As I proceed to make copies of the things that are needed, I notice that the paperwork is not paperwork. They are drawings copied onto very expensive paper. I go to apologize to this man for not realizing that I was copying things onto this paper. He asked me for the reason for my apology. He says that they are beautiful and that this is what I need to be doing. These drawings are how Yehovah will allow me to share truth.

I do not draw, but I write. Yehovah speaks to me and fills me when I write. I feel full and overjoyed when I write. He tells me His word in the Bible when I write. I feel an amazing shalom when I write. This is my connection with Him.

I confess that it is too easy to get caught up with the worries of this world. Sometimes I make this world to be bigger than our God Most High. 

How can the created thing be bigger than the Creator? This is a question that puts thoughts, emotions and situations in the proper perspective.

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